Also known as black cherry.
From Ontario to Florida.
It is a light reddish brown colour.
Moderately hard (density 33 lb/ cu ft)


maple_swatch1hard maple
Also known as rock or sugar maple.
From eastern Canada and the northeastern U.S.
Creamy white to reddish brown in colour.
Hard and moderately heavy (density 45lb/cu ft)


Also known as Brazilian Cherry.
From Central and South America and the West Indies.
The heart wood is reddish-brown to brown with pronounced darker stripes. Very hard and heavy (density 66 lb/cu ft)


Also known as amaranth or violet wood.
From Mexico to southern Brazil.
Brown when cut but soon oxidizes to colours varying from deep burgundy to pinkish grey. Hard and heavy (density 60 lb/cu ft)



Also known as black or American walnut
From Ontario to Texas and from Maine to Florida.
It varies in colour from medium brown to dark chocolate brown. Moderately hard (density 40 lb/ cu ft)

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